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Laridae, full service management consultants.
Laridae, full service management consultants.
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CCRC  (Formerly Community Counselling and Resource Centre)



Renaming & Rebranding


Case Study: CCRC

Laridae was asked to lead a re-naming and rebranding of the Community Counselling and Resource Centre. This community-based non profit social service agency is funded provincially (LHIN, MCSS), locally through the municipality, as well as with a large Trillium Foundation grant, ongoing donations and the United Way. It serves many vulnerable populations.



Like many, Community Counselling and Resource Centre’s history was complex. An amalgamation twenty years ago, left it with a long and cumbersome name, but much “emotional” memory that became attached to its name and logo. However, the leadership decided that the current name was too long and complicated, no longer properly reflected the services offered, and the visual identity was dated and lacked the professionalism that was the cornerstone of the organization’s everyday work. Finally, a strategic priority was for the organization to improve its fundraising capacity. It needed a powerful brand story to emotionally connect the results it achieved for its clients, to the interests of donors.



Laridae focused first on internal, i.e., staff, engagement. The long standing, deeply committed staff were very attached to the history of the organization and its current name. While many agreed that the visual identity had become outdated, they also freely admitted that change nonetheless was going to be hard. Multiple creative sessions with staff led to the surfacing of powerful stories of client transformation. This agency gave clients a new lease on life—in some cases, saved their lives. Many were set on a new path, crediting Community Counselling and Resource Centre with their turnaround.



Laridae harnessed these stories, and built a powerful and emotional brand story. The value proposition was emotional and spoke to and for clients and donors. The decision was made to change the organization’s operating name—now going with only its initials, dropping the use of the longer, spelled out name. A new visual identity was created, including a frank and colloquial-sounding tag line Turning things around that met with universal approval from staff, board, clients and the public. Finally, Laridae supported CCRC in the launch and implementation of its new brand.