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Laridae, full service management consultants.
Laridae, full service management consultants.
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Communications, Marketing and Branding

Communications, marketing and branding is about telling the right stories. The right story is one that resonates and clarifies and allows a person to make sense of the world. We are dedicated to helping non-profit and public sector leaders earn trust by crafting meaningful, honest stories about their organizations’ work or changes ahead. In doing so, we contribute to building community, making life clearer and better for everyone invested in, or touched by the organization, its work, its service, and its mission.

Laridae is a vendor of record with the Ontario Government (MGS) – OSS-00426611 – Management Consulting Services.


Communications is one of the most important and varied functions in non-profits and public agencies. You need a strategy that covers all your organization’s communications needs, and skilled people to execute the strategy. With tight budgets and multiple demands on staff time, it can be difficult to communicate effectively in every situation — from routine in-house messages to advertising campaigns, media relations, crisis communications, and social media. Do you have a plan? Are messages and style aligned? If not, it can hurt your profile in the community — your brand identity. We can help. At Laridae, we excel in communications strategy and practice. With years of experience, we can guide your organization and make the headaches go away.

Communication Audits

Miscommunication causes a lot of unnecessary damage — lost time, duplication, and conflicts, for starters. A systematic review of communication flows to, from, and within your organization will help improve performance. Diagnosing the problems is the first step to getting better results.

Communication Plans

A thoughtful, strategic communication plan lets you anticipate scenarios requiring a response, assign resources where needed, and dramatically improve your organization’s communications. Take the opportunity to make your comms more systematic, efficient and effective.

Crisis Communications

As seasoned communicators, we know how to handle a crisis. Call us for a confidential consultation. Better still, don’t wait for a crisis, Laridae can help develop a crisis communications plan and train your organization on how to be best ready to respond. Laridae’s strategic counsel can turn things around.

Media and Public Relations

Laridae has years of on the ground experience working with reporters, newsrooms, and designing and delivering effective media strategy. Depending on the size of your organization, you may need ongoing support. Outsourcing day-to-day communications tasks such as press releases, newsletters, website updates, and routine messaging takes the burden off staff and ensures quality, timely execution. Laridae adds value.


At Laridae, we understand marketing for non-profits. It’s not enough to sell your services. Marketing communications must deliver the “why”—why is your organization engaged in its particular mission? What is the unique story that resonates with your public? Who are you helping? How do you make a difference in the community? Laridae’s seasoned communicators will identify strategic gaps and help you create a marketing plan that’s ready to implement. From the elevator pitch to the marketing collateral, we provide training, support, and a steady hand.

Social Media and Content Marketing

From privacy issues, to fundraising initiatives, to human resources policies, non profits and public sector organizations have unique needs when it comes to social media. It is imperative for organizations to have a clear social media strategy. Laridae’s communications expertise ensures that social media efforts are aligned with your overall communications strategy, and drive your operational goals. We can develop a strategy that will allow you to measure performance and engage your target audiences.

Marketing Audits and Plans

A marketing audit is an important tool for non-profit organizations to review current practices, assess capacity and gaps, and drive improvements. The Laridae team has extensive experience conducting audits that are actionable, succinct, and solution-focused. Our analysis and recommendations feed into marketing plans that are implementation-ready.


Laridae has extensive experience writing and editing an enormous range of print, digital and electronic communications. The Laridae team is made up of published authors, academic writers, and professional communicators who have written and polished everything from media releases, articles, and speeches to complex reports, academic grants, video scripts, website copy, and social media content.

Creative and Design

What we do best: leveraging opportunities to communicate, informing ourselves about the issues that are important to our clients, and speaking to their audiences. We offer creative, relevant, and engaging content (articles and images) suitable for multi-media applications.


Are all your branding and marketing elements unified? Does it fit with your mission and core activities? Is your message reaching the public and stakeholders? We have a team of professionals that will create you a compelling brand that speaks to your mission and engages your audience. Even if you have a branding and marketing strategy, it is important that all organizations, even successful ones, periodically take stock of the promise they are making. Refreshing the brand “story” will ensure that the vibrancy of the services you provide is reflected in your current brand.  

Brand Assessments

From time to time, every organization should pause to review branding—all the ways a brand conveys meaning to stakeholders. Good brands make a promise. Working with your leaders and stakeholders, Laridae assesses your brand—what’s working and what’s not—and recommends improvements that make a difference.

Brand Development

Building your brand shouldn’t be difficult.  When done right, the process can be rewarding and energizing for leaders and stakeholders alike.

The Laridae team provides critical assistance in surfacing your brand. First we address gaps in perception and impact, but the most important work goes deeper—we give you the language to describe what you already know in your hearts, from pursuing your mission every day.

Brand Story

An engaging brand story progresses from the most important information (the “why”) down to the details (the “what”). Ideally, the story is used consistently in every marketing and communications application. We will help craft a brand story that speaks directly and powerfully to your people.

Brand Strategy

A brand is more than just your name, logo, or website. It’s how clients experience your organization, from first impression to repeat engagements. The Laridae team can help you define precisely what you stand for and connect in a deep way with your community.