Economic Development & Social Enterprise |
Laridae, full service management consultants.
Laridae, full service management consultants.
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Economic Development & Social Enterprise

Economic Development and Social Enterprise are about developing local economies and community organizations to their full potential—and supporting the wellbeing of our neighbours and clients.


Laridae’s expertise—in strategic planning, community engagement, policy analysis, research, and facilitation—provides wraparound support to economic development agencies and municipalities throughout the Economic Development planning process. Laridae’s plans are strategic, action-oriented, and readable.


Social Enterprise expands the reach of non-profits, providing a revenue stream beyond the grant-writing treadmill and declining funder allocations. More and more non-profits recognize that market-based earned revenue can help them achieve their mandates. Nationally, 20% of NFP revenue comes from social enterprise, and, in the current funding environment, that can only grow. At Laridae, we help organizations identify potential social enterprises and review them for sustainability and scalability.


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