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Laridae, full service management consultants.
Laridae, full service management consultants.
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Stakeholder engagement is a critical part of any planning process – whether you are working on a strategic plan, developing a new training tool, conducting research or rebranding. At Laridae, we ask the right questions to get the information you need to make informed decisions about your future. However, sometimes our process provides something unexpected – a little community building.


From focus groups to online surveys, community based asset mapping to town halls trust Laridae to design a stakeholder engagement process that resonates with participants and creates an environment for positive change.

Laridae is a vendor of record with the Ontario Government (MGS) – OSS-00426611 – Management Consulting Services.

Stakeholder Engagament

Here at Laridae, we get you. We understand how crucial stakeholder engagement is for the success of your organization, especially during times of transition and change. That’s where we come in. We’re communicators. We ask the right questions. We know when to push harder. We quickly build trusting relationships that inform positive change. We make stakeholder engagement easy for you.

Focus Groups

We facilitate focus groups that get people talking. By offering a safe and trusting environment, key stakeholders have the opportunity to feel both heard and valued. We aren’t afraid to ask the tough questions so that you get to the real answers.


We create customized surveys that dig deep. Our surveys provide a important information from a large cross-section of stakeholders. We sift through that data. We find trends. We find issues. We find out what people are really trying to say.


We are relationship builders, and it shows with the quality of responses we get from one-on-one interviews with stakeholders. Interviews are the perfect opportunity to get the highest quality data from key stakeholder to help inform change. Through open and honest two-way discussion, we learn about them, their ideas, concerns, and valuable feedback.


Laridae guides organizations through facilitated engagement processes, leading to solutions that work precisely because they reflect stakeholders’ ideas and beliefs.

Community Engagement

At Laridae we design highly participatory community engagement events that foster discovery and connection, explore possibility and produce results. We will work with you to design and develop community and stakeholder engagement sessions that are accessible, inclusive, and productive and where all participants are invited to connect, share and contribute in a meaningful way.

Town Halls

A Town Hall is a place for a conversation. It is an opportunity to engage stakeholders in meaningful discussion about common hopes, concerns, and ideas. At Laridae, we design participatory community engagement events that foster discovery and connection, explore possibility, and produce results. Taking an Asset Based Community Development approach, we have developed a highly participatory dialogic format founded on the principles of deep democracy and appreciative inquiry.


A forum is a regular meeting of people who represent a group or organization and may be issue or area based. Those involved typically comprise members of civic, political, professional, economic or social groups from a local area.  We have designed facilitated sessions for boards, staff, and community groups. Our events have received resoundingly positive feedback for the process, engagement opportunities and inclusive environment created.

Speaking Engagements

Our consultants are experienced communicators with expertise they love to share.  Looking for a keynote speaker for one of your events or would you like to learn more about a specific topic?  Give us a shout.


Hosting a conference, public event, or AGM? Need an engaging keynote? Our consultants are experienced communicators with expertise they love to share. Contact us if you are looking for a keynote speaker, and we will work with you to create an address that meets the needs of your audience. We also provide coaching to presenters who want to polish their skills.


Want to learn more about crisis communications, business continuity planning, strategic planning or anything else we do?  Give us a call and we will craft a customized, high impact and engaging presentation that meets you needs.