Planning, Strategy and Governance |
Laridae, full service management consultants.
Laridae, full service management consultants.
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Planning, Strategy & Governance

Smart strategy. Thoughtful planning. Sound governance. Laridae is your trusted partner for strategic and operational planning, facilitated decision making, stakeholder engagement, governance training, and communications.


Our approach is positive and inclusive. We customize the work to fit your circumstances and needs. We know how to ask tough questions and listen hard. We work with you to produce strategy and plans that lead to action. When change is needed, Laridae’s strategic counsel help boards and leaders manage transitions and thrive.

Laridae is a vendor of record with the Ontario Government (MGS) – OSS-00426611 – Management Consulting Services.

Laridae is a vendor of record with the Ontario Government (MGS) – OSS-00426611 – Strategic Advisor.

Laridae is a vendor of record with the Ontario Government (MGS) – OSS-00426611 – Organizational Transformation Capacity Consultant.

Laridae is a vendor of record with the Ontario Government (MGS) – OSS-00426611 – Organizational Effectiveness Specialist.

Laridae is a vendor of record with the Ontario Government (MGS) – OSS-00426611 –Strategic Provincial Entity Review Specialist.


Planning & Strategy

When your new plan reflects stakeholder views, when staff and community partners have contributed ideas and voiced concerns—when they’ve been heard—implementation becomes easier. Whether the project involves new strategic directions, operational planning, communications, or marketing and branding, Laridae creates the conditions for real action and positive change.

Strategic Planning

Thoughtful, long-term planning keeps organizations on track, helps them achieve their goals, and enables them to weather shifts in the broader funding and philanthropic environment. We are strategic planning experts, and pride ourselves in excellent project management, deep stakeholder engagement, facilitated decision making, leadership coaching, research, and communications. Laridae uses a positive and inclusive planning approach, and we customize our work to fit your circumstances and needs. We know how to ask tough questions and listen hard, producing plans that inspire action. Laridae works with organizations that are ready to define their future in a deliberate way. We help create strategic directions through consultation with staff and community partners, as well as analysis of data on programs, performance, and environmental factors. We see strategic directions as necessarily broad, forward-looking and aspirational.

At Laridae, we also view strategic planning as an opportunity to increase awareness about your organization. Ideally, the consultation process becomes a two-way communications channel. Stakeholders provide insights that can be incorporated into the strategic directions, while they learn more about what you do, why you exist and the important role you play in the community. A typical strategic planning project includes the following elements:

  • Kick-off meeting with the Board
  • Stakeholder focus groups and online survey
  • Supported self-assessment of past performance and environmental scan
  • Pre-retreat reading package
  • Facilitated board planning retreat
  • Draft and final strategic plan
Project Management

Laridae manages projects and activities effectively, including preparation, planning, implementation and evaluation. We can assist with managing projects ranging from complex, multi-stakeholder to simple, short-term initiatives.

Change Management

Major change is coming: a re-organization, new service mandate, shift in funding, or expansion. Everyone at your agency is too busy serving clients to think through the implications of change, let alone make a plan to get through it. Uncertainty can affect staff morale and slow decision making. It doesn’t have to be that way. Laridae’s expertise in planning and change management takes the pressure off. Let us guide you through the transformation and position your organization for continuing success.

Issues and Crisis Management

Floods, fraud, cyber security, workplace disruption, unwanted media attention. It’s not if, it’s when.
Crisis planning is essential. Our clients rely on us to help them think through the worst of the worst. Together we create plans. Build in redundancies. Conduct mock exercises. Laridae understands how to navigate the white water of crisis communications.
Could your organization face a debilitating crisis tomorrow?


Good governance means that directors understand their roles and responsibilities. It means that committees work effectively. And that the right policies and procedures are in place, followed, and updated regularly. Boards that strive to continually improve their governance work achieve better results. Laridae helps Boards get there, with governance training, policy development, organizational reviews, and leadership coaching for Directors and executives.

Policy Review and Development

If your policies and by-laws are antiquated—or missing altogether—you’re not alone. Keeping organizational policies current and ensuring they are followed can be a full-time job. Yet having the right policies in place is a determinant of organizational performance—and mitigates against risk. Non-profit organizations face ever-increasing expectations about how they handle human resources, volunteer management, finances, fundraising, communications, social media, privacy and more. Laridae will help your organization develop up-to-date, customized policies that you can rely on.

Board Training and Development

How’s your Board doing? Many non-profit Boards struggle to understand their governance role—overseeing the organization and setting the overall strategic direction. Committee structures could be more effective. Perhaps long-serving Board members are about to retire, and new recruits are joining the Board. High-functioning Boards have recruitment plans and orient new members. They set performance goals and track progress. Whether the Board needs training, policy development, or techniques for performance management, Laridae is here to solve problems.

Leadership Coaching

Even the most skilled executive can benefit from expert coaching. Whether it’s dealing with a thorny workplace situation or improving overall leadership skills, Laridae’s confidential counsel lets you soar. We help leaders identify their needs; we create customized solutions.


Laridae became a Certified B Corporation in 2018. B Corps are a new type of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. B Corp certification is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk.


Laridae was certified by the non-profit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. We’ve evaluated how our practices impact our employees, our community, the environment, and our customers.