Vendor of Record Lists

Government of Ontario

Vendor of Record (VOR) means a procurement arrangement that authorizes Laridae to provide services to the government of Ontario. Laridae is pleased to be a VOR in the following categories:


  • Management Consulting Services (VOR #OSS-00426611)
  • Organizational Effectiveness Specialist (VOR #OSS-00426611)
  • Strategic Provincial Entity Review Specialist (VOR #OSS-00426611)
  • Strategic Public Engagement Specialist (VOR #: OSS-00426611)
  • Organizational Transformation Capacity Consultant (VOR #OSS-00426611)
  • Strategic Advisor (VOR #OSS-00426611)
  • Workplace Restoration* (VOR #OSS-005055540)
  • Commissioned Research Services (VOR#: OSS-00608898)


  • City of Kingston – Facilitation and Engagement

For more information on Laridae’s VOR arrangements, contact Jonathan Bennett, CEO.