Catalyzing Local Action on Climate Change through Collective Impact

Bianca Caramento is the Manager of the Bay Area Climate Change Council, leading the collective impact initiative to advance and accelerate climate change action in the cities of Burlington and Hamilton.  She shares with us the structure behind this collective, with her “backbone” role housed in the Centre for Climate Change Management at Mohawk College, supporting a collective of 14 community organizations.  

We hear about their Theory of Change – the master plan for reducing green house gases in the community by 50% by 2030, towards becoming net zero cities by 2050, and how this work was informed by data and community consultation.  We see the power of this collective, supporting the work of the cities to address climate change while holding them to account.   

BACCC provides a model for catalyzing change that many seek to emulate in their own communities, be it for GHG reductions or for using a collective approach to address other local issues.   


Bay Area Climate Change Council :  

BACCC plan/Theory of Change:  

BACCC Regional GHG inventory:  

BACCC Indigenous Collaboration Policy:  

BACCC members: 

Burlington Economic Development Corp 

Burlington Green 

Clean Air Hamilton 
Conservation Halton 

Environment Hamilton 

Hamilton Chamber of Commerce 

Hamilton Conservation Authority 

Hamilton Health Sciences 

Hamilton Industrial Environmental Association 

Hamilton Regional Indian Centre 

Sustainability Leadership 

United Way Halton & Hamilton