Consulting Services for Non-Profit Organizations

We know that non-profit organizations are not the same as private companies.

Leaders of mission-driven organizations need sound advice from those who share their values and worldview—this is Laridae. We get your world.

What it’s like to work with Laridae

Because we only work with non-profits, we know how to customize our work to fit your circumstances and needs.

  • First, we ask the tough questions, actively listen, and facilitate important discussion
  • Next, we work with you to produce strategies that lead to action
  • And, finally, we offer trusted guidance for boards and leaders through change, leading to meaningful transformation, so that their organization can continue to thrive.

Strategic Planning

Your planning journey is about so much more than the final document. Done right, it’s a powerful journey—one that builds buy-in and leverages creativity.

Strategic planning is the opportunity to bring together your whole organization in a process that unites your focus, deepens trust, and re-inspires commitment to your purpose.

Laridae ensures you gain the most from the whole experience and emerge stronger, poised, and ready for what’s next.


Mission, Vision and Values Development

Why do you exist, and for whom? Your mission, vision and values make up the foundation for your organization.

But, times change. Community needs evolve. When it’s time to dig really deep and re-shape the poetry of your purpose, we can help.

With an inclusive process, that surfaces the essential “you” we will support you in crafting a powerful, meaningful, simple set of mission, vision and value statements that will communicate your “why” unambiguously and proudly.

Operational Planning

You have an impressive new strategic plan. But you aren’t sure how to implement. We can help.

How? We break it all down, simplify it. Train your team so they can cascade the work through the organization.

Every team will own their part and be able to see the results of their work demonstrated in improved performance over time on KPI dashboards and scorecards. 


Stakeholder Engagement

Listen. Seek. Reflect. Your stakeholders care about your success. And they want to participate.

If building trusting, ongoing relationships with clients and participants, staff and volunteers, donors and funders, community members and influencers, is important, then you need a strong process and an intentional approach.

Focus groups, interviews, surveys, town halls, online and in-person, we will support you to include all those who matter most to your ongoing success.

Communications Strategy

Do you ever feel like you are a “best kept secret?” Or, that not enough people understand the impact you make?

A Laridae communications strategy leaves behind your reactive efforts and replaces them with an intentional approach so that you will consistently tell your story and showcase data-driven successes.

You will see the results in enhancing your community profile and awareness, recruitment, fundraising efforts, and advocacy. 

Brand Positioning

Can you say what you do simply? Powerfully? With clarity?

Most non-profits find it hard to articulate it all in just a few words—after all, you do so much (with so little).

We can help you isolate your strengths. Emphasize your purpose. Distill your work to its essence so that when you invite people to join you, they will do so eagerly.