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Learn more about how Laridae’s experienced nonprofit consultants can support your organization’s goals and help you maximize your impact.

You have a mission—and we’re here to lend our expertise to refine your strategies, build your capacity, and maximize your impact.

Laridae is a consulting and training firm dedicated solely to helping purpose-driven organizations set and achieve actionable goals that power lasting change. We’ve collaborated with over 250 nonprofits and social purpose organizations to improve their outcomes and pave a promising path into the future.

Leaders of purpose-driven organizations need sound advice from experts who share their values and worldview—this is Laridae. We get your world.

Laridae’s Approach to Nonprofit Consulting

Because we only partner with nonprofits and social purpose organizations, we know how to adapt our work to fit your circumstances and needs:

  • First, we’ll ask the tough questions, actively listen, and facilitate important discussions about your goals.
  • Then, we’ll collaborate with you to craft strategies that inspire action.
  • Finally, we’ll pull from our specialized experience to guide your board and leadership team through meaningful change, so that your organization can continue to thrive.

Explore Laridae’s Nonprofit Consulting Services

Ready to embark on your next project? Here’s how our experienced nonprofit consultants can help:

Strategic Planning

Laridae’s nonprofit consultants have the expertise to guide your organization through its strategic planning journey.

Your strategic planning journey is about so much more than the final document. It’s an opportunity to clarify your focus, deepen trust, and inspire commitment to your purpose. To help you gain the most from the whole experience, our team will:

  • Acquire an in-depth understanding of your organization and its goals by holding in-depth discussions with your senior leadership and board.
  • Engage your stakeholders to address their priorities and needs in your path forward.
  • Organize a structured retreat that allows your key decision-makers to come to a consensus on your strategic direction.
  • Draft your strategic plan, collaborating with you until you’re satisfied with the final product.

Through Laridae’s time-tested process, we’ll help you emerge stronger, poised, and ready for what’s next.

Additionally, we provide opportunities for small nonprofits and social purpose companies to build internal capacity by embarking upon a self-directed strategic planning journey, guided by our seasoned experts.

Laridae’s nonprofit consultants have extensive experience and knowledge to offer when it comes to management training for nonprofits.

Management Training

Your nonprofit’s managers need a special set of tools and skills to be effective in their roles. In our Management Training Program, we provide practical strategies for managing and motivating effective teams through:

  • Virtual, interactive classroom sessions facilitated by experienced instructors
  • Informative “coffeehouse” discussion sessions for engaging with fellow learners
  • One-on-one coaching sessions with one of Laridae’s expert consultants
  • Take-home tools and guides on management best practices


Laridae’s expert nonprofit consultants provide hands-on leadership training through our Leadership Foundations Program.

Leadership Training

There’s a lot that goes into the role of an effective nonprofit leader. Whether you’re a new or soon-to-be Executive Director or CEO of a nonprofit, Laridae’s Leadership Foundations Program covers all the leadership essentials you’ll need to know.

We’ll teach you how to:

  • Identify your personal leadership style and become a more confident leader
  • Gain a deeper understanding of good governance and board roles
  • Develop strategic clarity for your nonprofit and drive purposeful change
  • Set expectations and delegate responsibilities effectively
Laridae’s nonprofit consulting services include governance training to ensure that your organization’s board is strong and effective.

Governance Training

A productive board is key to your nonprofit’s long-term sustainability. Having a cohesive, engaged team of board members empowers your organization to operate more efficiently and elevate its impact in the community.

Laridae’s governance training program will help you build the necessary foundation for success through:

  • A self-assessment survey for each board member to reflect on current strategies
  • A three-hour training session that covers governance basics, trends, and best practices
Laridae’s nonprofit consultants offer valuable coaching sessions for nonprofit managers, leaders, and board members.


As a nonprofit professional, you’re likely used to making the most of limited resources. During Laridae’s 60-minute coaching sessions, our expert consultants will help you work smarter, not harder, by:

  • Reflecting on your skills, strengths, and opportunities for improvement
  • Walking through specific challenges you’re facing or concerns that you have
  • Providing a sounding board for ideas or questions

Our Nonprofit Consulting Success Stories

For over a decade, Laridae has proudly offered tailored guidance and solutions to purpose-driven organizations in a wide range of sectors. Over 65% of our clients are returning clients who continue to partner with us to boost their results and amplify their impact.

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