Brand Positioning and Core Messaging Development for Non-Profits

Your non-profit has probably changed over the years, shifting in focus, and growing in scope.

With staff coming and going, new funding sources, evolving programs – the words you once used to describe your organization may be long out of date.

Maybe you even need a new name for your evolved organization.

Laridae can help you develop compelling brand positioning that captures your organization’s finest qualities and purpose in strong, emotive language guaranteed to resonate with your audiences.

A strong brand story will make it easy for people to speak accurately about your organization. This improves awareness and helps you build credibility within your community.

“They were able to really tell our story.”

– Brittany McMillan, Canopy Support Services

What is it like to develop your brand with Laridae?

Create a Brand Steering Committee

The Laridae way of creating effective brand positioning involves the development of a brand steering committee made up of a wide range of roles to bring different perspectives. For example, your call center staff may push back on long words or phrases that are hard to share over the phone.

Conduct a Brand Inventory

Your entire team will be asked to contribute to a “brand inventory” where we itemize all the pieces and places that contain your brand language, from boilerplate to bumper stickers so we know what to update later on.

Engage Stakeholders

We will then conduct engagement interviews with internal and external stakeholders to learn what we can of the way your brand is perceived within important audiences.

Develop a Brand Framework

We’ll help you craft your value proposition statement, your brand story, your service differentiators and create a “modular” copy framework that allows you to tailor your brand language to suit multiple purposes.

Guide with a Creative Brief

We can even help with a creative brief that you can provide your creative design team to update brand visuals.

Here for You, Every Step of the Way

We support you at every step along the way.

With tools and checklists, communications tips and project management expertise, working with Laridae means the project will be professionally completed, on time and on budget.

The legacy will be deeper engagement and an increased level of trust.

“Working with Laridae has been a great experience! The level of professionalism and passion that the Laridae team carried in this project exceeded my expectations.”

– Celeste Fox, Canopy Support Services

What experience does Laridae have helping non-profits with Branding and Positioning?

When Tri-County Community Support Services first reached out to us, they let us know that they were in need of a brand refresh. In the 45 years since the organization was founded, it had grown and evolved. They needed a new brand that authentically reflected their current services, values, and aspirations.

Read about how we were able to help the Tri-County rebrand themselves to Canopy Support Services.

Past Branding and Positioning Clients Include

“The experience and confidence the team possessed in guiding us through the rebranding process was very helpful!”

– Sheena Etemadzadeh, Canopy Support Services

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