Mission, Vision and Values Development for Non-Profits

If your non-profit is starting to experience a lack of alignment internally, or with your board or community, it could be time to re-examine your mission, vision and values statements. It is natural that over time, organizations shift in scope to gradually outgrow or move away from these guiding principles.

If you’re struggling with clarity around “what we do” or “who we are” and find it difficult to get your staff focusing on the same things, Laridae can facilitate a mission, vision and values exercise that will re-ignite your team’s excitement about your purpose.

“We had a slim timeline to develop a new mission, vision, values and a diverse group of participants who ranged in length of experience and depth of knowledge with our organization. The facilitators were able to work with the group in a way that was collaborative and respectful of everyone’s chance to contribute. They efficiently facilitated the process. They accurately synthesized and summarized the thoughts and contributions of participants that captured the true essence of what we as a group had hoped to achieve as the outcome.”

– Dawn McColl, Director, Workforce Development Board

What will you have at the end of the mission, vision values development process?

Laridae can take your team through a facilitated process that captures the essence of your organization in a few simple, memorable and essential sentences. We’ll help you find the words to excite with aspirational goals, draw people in with emotive power and give shape to your future vision.

An effective mission, vision and values development exercise with Laridae will help you align your staff, board and other stakeholders, reignite enthusiasm for your purpose and bring clarity to your offerings.

We are skilled writers and we know your sector well. Let us show you your way.

What is it like to develop your mission, vision and values language with Laridae?

We have all experienced the nightmare of a poorly facilitated mission, vision and values exercise!

The Laridae way is different – we can promise it.

Begins with Stakeholder Engagement

We’ll start our process without you. We’ll conduct stakeholder engagement, either by survey or by interview to get a feel for external perceptions of your organization.

A Comprehensive Environmental Scan

We will also do an environmental scan of your sector to find out how other organizations offering similar services describe themselves. This is useful to ensure you’re identifying your points of differentiation, or not veering too far off the railway tracks with your aspirational statements. We’re seeking a balance between aspirational and achievable (believable)!

Collaborative Language Development

We then conduct two facilitated meetings to

  1. Review findings from the above exploration and to discuss some options
  2. Present and discuss our draft copy

From there, we refine our copy and deliver a final draft that you can take to your board for approval.

Here for You, Every Step of the Way

We support you at every step along the way.

With tools and checklists, communications tips and project management expertise, working with Laridae means the project will be professionally completed, on time and on budget.

The legacy will be deeper engagement and an increased level of trust.

“Laridae’s facilitation skills ensured that everyone had an opportunity to provide feedback that resulted in both staff and Board being fully engaged.”

– Jennifer Lamantia, CEO, Workforce Development Board

Our Mission, Vision and Values Clients Include

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