Free On-Demand Workshop for Non-Profit Leaders

Jonathan Bennett hosts a free workshop for non-profit leaders: How to Lead with Possibility (and abandon your deficit mindset forever).

How to Lead with a Possibility Mindset

Join Laridae’s founder, Jonathan Bennett, and learn how to totally shift your thinking away from a deficit mindset, where there’s never enough of anything, over to one of possibility.

This workshop is solely for non-profit leaders.

There are fun, inspiring exercises to kickstart your thinking. Download a free workbook, with seven exercises, so you can continue the thinking with your team. Finally, at the end of the workshop, you’ll be among the first to learn about how to register for Laridae’s new Community of Practice, called The Pier.

More on this exciting, new way for non-profit leaders to connect, share, and learn, in the weeks ahead!

Pick your learning start time here, or watch a replay right away: