Coaching for Senior Leaders and Managers in the Non-Profit Sector

What is Coaching?

Professional coaching is a management tool. Coaching can help to manage relationships, improve self-awareness of personal impact, and unlock oneself from rigid ways of perceiving others and their problems. Coaching can help to identify barriers to communication, effective feedback (giving and receiving), and self-efficacy as a manager/leader.

Benefits of Coaching for Non-Profit Professionals

  • Identify key skills and areas of strength
  • Identify areas to be developed and strategies for improvement
  • Work through particular challenges or scenarios
  • Have a sounding board and support through as you develop your career
  • Make the most out of the other work you’re doing with Laridae — whether training programs, or consulting projects, or community of practice — you will deepen and enrich your experience through coaching to ensure you’re getting the maximum benefit to apply what you’re learning and experiencing

Core Offerings

Sessions are 60 minutes in length and conducted remotely (typically by phone).

We offer coaching for non-profit managers, leaders, and board members.

We offer:

  • 1-on-1 sessions (packages of 4, 6, or 8 sessions)
  • Small group coaching sessions (up to 3 people) 


Who will I be working with?

You will be working with a member of our highly competent and experienced management consultants. Each coach draws on their professional experience, management and leadership skills, training, and education.

I’m already so busy. Won’t this just add one more thing to my plate?

There is minimal prep work required for coaching sessions! During your first session, your coach will guide you through some thought exercises that will help you identify your particular areas of strength and areas for development, along with some short- and medium-term goals.

Coaching supports the work you’re doing. Most people find that coaching helps them to work through challenges, gain claity about what to focus on, and develop their ability to prioritize what’s more important so they can work smarter, not harder.

Tha said, coaching does require your commitment to the process. To get the best out of your sessions, we encourage you to come ready with an idea of the issues and/or questions you’d like to talk through. Many people find that it’s helpful to take note of questions that come to mind between sessions.

We encourage you to be open and transparent. In turn, your coach will ask questions to push your thinking, support your development, build accountability, and celebrate your successes.

What will we talk about?

We are happy to open the discussion related to professional situations, scenarios, or challenges you are experiencing. We can act as a sounding board for ideas, help you strategize, and guide you with strategic coaching questions.

If you are receiving coaching related to a specific training programs (such as Laridae’s Management Training Program), then the coaching sessions will typically involve follow-up on the most recent training modules, provide an opportunity to revisit elements of the earlier sessions, and look at how your learnings might impact your work.

From time to time, we are asked to comment or advise on technical issues relating to HR, law, or accounting. We can provide best practice guidance from a management consulting perspective, but we may recommend that you seek formal guidance from qualified subject matter experts.

When will the sessions be conducted?

Your coach will work with you to book based on availability and times that work for both of you. Sessions can also be rescheduled with 24-hours notice.

To Learn More or Book a Package

Please reach out via the contact form below and we can setup a time to connect.