The F Word: Managing Focus, Time, and Capacity

Do you ever feel like you have too many tabs open… in your head?

What if the way you’re accustomed to working is actually working against you?

Habit Coach & Consultant Valentina Kibedi challenges commonly-held assumptions about the way we work and offers a compelling call to action for a new way forward.

If you ever feel like you have too many tabs open in your head, this session will create an opportunity for critical self-reflection, personal growth, and offer valuable tips and takeaways to help change the way you work for good.

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January 31, 2024
10:00 am to 11:00am

Interactive Live Zoom Session

Limited space available

You’ll learn…

  • How today’s “default mode” of working might be harming you (and your team)
  • The most important keystone habit you need to implement
  • A lesser-known tactic for staying on track and getting past mental blocks throughout your day

Led by Valentina Kibedi, Director of Learning Services

Valentina Kibedi is the Director of Learning Services at Laridae. As a consultant, coach, and facilitator, they are dedicated to helping purpose-driven professionals cultivate focus, clarity, and momentum. A relentless questioner, Valentina approaches life and work with an experimental mindset. They believe that being intentional about our key habits can make us a little bit happier, a little bit more focused, and a whole lot more fulfilled. Outside of the virtual office, they enjoy camping, board games, and getting out on the tennis court.