Nonprofit Management Training Program: A leading Course for Nonprofits

Great managers aren’t born. They’re made.

Facilitated by our expert consultants, Laridae’s Management Training Program is designed specifically for managers in the nonprofit and social purpose sectors. We’ve helped over 400 nonprofit managers from 90+ organizations develop the fundamental skills and leverage the necessary tools to thrive in their roles.

This practical, in-depth course is available to anyone in Canada, conducted remotely by skilled instructors with years of experience in facilitating online education and supporting purpose-driven organizations.

We’ll discuss the program in more detail below:

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Nonprofit Management Training Program: Course Overview

Who is this program for?

This hands-on course is tailored to nonprofit managers of all levels who:

  • Are currently or will be managing people at a nonprofit organization
  • Want to become more effective at managing staff
  • Have an open mind and are willing to try new things
  • Are eager to learn and improve

Why should my nonprofit enroll?

By participating in Laridae’s nonprofit Management Training Program, you’ll be able to:

  • Increase your confidence, self-reflection, and management abilities.
  • Share innovative strategies, tips, and best practices with your team.
  • Build lasting relationships with other professionals in the nonprofit or social purpose sector.
  • Practice applying new skills and techniques to examples of real-life situations encountered by nonprofit managers.

What will we learn from this course?

We’ll provide you with just the right amount of theory and practice to apply the skills you learn to your unique situation. For instance, we’ll cover practical topics such as:

  • Time management
  • Creating and running productive meetings
  • Communicating effectively with your team and organization
  • Setting expectations and delegating productively
  • Motivating and engaging your staff
  • Building and expanding your team
When you enroll in Laridae’s nonprofit Management Training Program, you’ll be able to learn practical skills and techniques remotely.

Recognition of Course Completion

Certificate and badge

All participants receive a digital badge and certificate — visual representations of their expertise and accomplishments — which they can share with their network.

Course Topics Covered: Nonprofit Leadership Development Essentials

Our nonprofit Management Training Program consists of six core modules that teach participants the essential management skills they need to excel at their jobs. We also offer expansion modules for an enhanced course experience.

The six core modules

  • Introduction to Management: Learn the art and science of management, including the crucial skills that managers need to be successful.
  • Effective Internal Communications: Explore how to manage internal communications and ensure that core messages are not only shared, but received.
  • Building the Right Team: Develop the skills for effective recruitment, onboarding, and team cohesion.
  • Motivation & Engagement: Understand the key factors that motivate and engage employees.
  • Setting Expectations and Delegation: Discover best practices for executing goals and leading staff toward greater independence.
  • Developing People: Learn how to align your organization’s values with those of your staff.

Optional expansion modules

  • Managing Through Change: Dive into the fundamentals of change management, including how individuals and organizations react to change, how they can lead through change, and what people with different personalities within an organization need to be successful.
  • Finance for Non-Finance Managers: Discover how to draw insights from financial records and use them to make informed decisions, regardless of your finance experience.
  • Team Collaboration and Cohesion: Explore the core principles of collaboration and learn how to work cohesively as a team.

Our Unique Nonprofit Management Course Format

Laridae’s Management Training Program employs a uniquely “scaffolded” approach with diverse opportunities for interactive learning:

Interactive Classroom Sessions

Our virtual classroom sessions are interactive and engaging, facilitated by instructors with extensive experience in the nonprofit sector. We’ll provide practical strategies for becoming more effective in a management role and ensure that all participants can apply the theories they learn to their own workplace.

Coffeehouse Discussion Sessions

Our popular “coffeehouse” sessions provide a relaxed atmosphere for facilitated group discussions. These sessions allow all participants to learn from one another and build the confidence to strengthen their leadership and management skills.

One-On-One Coaching Sessions

Each participant is paired with an experienced Laridae consultant for one-on-one coaching sessions. These opportunities offer a safe place for you to reflect and ask questions related to your unique challenges and professional development goals.

Take-Home Tools and Guides

You’ll never leave a session empty-handed. Each module includes take-home tools and guides which are yours to keep, so you can keep referencing and applying your learning in the future.

Meet Your Nonprofit Management Training Instructors

Laridae’s team of expert consultants delivers each training session. We have extensive experience in coaching and supporting leaders at all levels of the nonprofit sector.

Valentina Kibedi is one of Laridae’s nonprofit management training instructors, experienced in coaching nonprofit professionals.

Valentina Kibedi

Valentina has a passion for helping purpose-driven organizations develop customized, actionable strategies and transform their company cultures. For over 10 years, Valentina has built a range of experience in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors, including four years at the YMCA of Greater Toronto.

At Laridae, Valentina leads a range of strategy and planning projects while coaching nonprofit professionals across Canada. To help leaders implement lasting change and develop resilient organizations, Valentina offers expertise in the following areas:

  • Strategic planning
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Management and leadership

Valentina holds a degree in Criminology from York University and has volunteered for a variety of community organizations in Peterborough and across the GTA.

Diane Pick is a nonprofit leadership development expert at Laridae with expertise in building high-functioning organizations.

Diane Pick

Diane Pick’s expertise centers on strategic leadership and building high-functioning organizations. With 30 years of experience as a leader of Children’s Treatment Centres in Ontario, she has a deep practical understanding of the challenges that nonprofit leaders experience. She uses her knowledge and facilitation skills to:

  • Help community leaders maximize their impact and leadership potential.
  • Create an engaging experience for all participants in Laridae’s Management Training Program.
  • Teach nonprofit managers to leverage their capacity to drive effective outcomes for their organizations.

Diane has engaged in ongoing leadership training, including a certificate in Public Sector Leadership from the Rotman School of Business, and has held the designation of Certified Health Executive from the Canadian College of Health Leadership for more than 25 years.

As the CEO of Laridae, Danielle Rocheleau has extensive experience in nonprofit management training, strategic planning, and more.

Danielle Rocheleau

As CEO, Danielle leads the Laridae team, driving the future growth of the company. The foundation of Danielle’s professional experience, career, and passion has been rooted in community development. An entrepreneurial, strategic thinker, Danielle deploys collaborative approaches to problem-solving. She leads some of Laridae’s highest-profile projects related to:

  • Strategic planning
  • Governance
  • Communications
  • Branding

Prior to consulting, she held executive roles with the Greater Peterborough Innovation Cluster (GPIC) and Peterborough & Kawarthas Economic Development (PKED). Danielle has actively engaged in governance throughout her career as a volunteer board member of nonprofits. She recently completed her Chartered Director (C.Dir.) program at McMaster University.

Explore How We’ve Empowered Nonprofit Leaders

At Laridae, we’re proud to equip nonprofit managers with the specific tools and training that will set them up for success in their roles. 98% of our Management Training Program graduates report that they have received the training they need to perform well as leaders within their organizations. We’ve received the following positive feedback from our participants:

One of Durham Family Court Clinic’s program directors enjoyed the practical strategies taught in Laridae’s nonprofit course.

“I was able to increase my knowledge and acquire practical strategies to apply in the various areas.”

— Vickie Jennings, Program Director, Durham Family Court Clinic
Laridae’s nonprofit courses provide practical strategies that managers can implement in their specific situations.
The Manager of Clinical Services at Family Services York Region had a positive experience with our nonprofit Management Training Program.

“Engaging discussions, listening to experiences of others, and the individual coaching sessions help me to grow.”

— Adelle Volpone, Manager of Clinical Services, Family Services York Region
Laridae’s nonprofit management training courses include interactive classroom sessions, one-on-one coaching, and more.
A participant from the Indigenous Diabetes Health Circle appreciated our nonprofit Management Training Program’s professional instructors.

“I learned something new from every module! I especially enjoyed the Setting Expectations, Motivation, and Developing People modules. The best part of the training was the professional facilitators who kept it light, humorous, interactive, and right on schedule, while acknowledging the need for breaks! Very well done!”

— Crystal Bomberry, Diabetes Wellness Worker, Indigenous Diabetes Health Circle
Laridae’s nonprofit management training modules cover all the essentials for succeeding in a management role.
Canopy Support Services’ CEO reports the value that Laridae’s nonprofit leadership development modules brought to her team.

“As CEO, it was beneficial for me to be involved as I am fully aware of what was delivered across all modules, and can redirect people back to these trainings as needed to ensure the material is consolidated. Having our group participate in these sessions together strengthened our cohesiveness, especially by involving supervisory/lead staff in the same cohort as management.”

— Katlyn Guthrie, CEO, Canopy Support Services
Laridae’s nonprofit leadership development courses support managers by allowing them to practice skills together in a cohort.

Nonprofit Management Training Program: How to Participate

Managers: Enroll Now

Visit Laridae’s Management Training Program enrollment page to explore the upcoming classroom cohorts. Space is limited and fills up quickly, so be sure to enroll early to secure your spot!

Organizations: Book Your Own Cohort

Training together with peers from your own organization can strengthen connections and create valuable opportunities for practicing management skills together.

Pricing begins at $2,995 + HST per participant for the six-module program.

Funding support may be available through the Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG).

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