Management Training Program for Non-Profits

Great managers aren’t born.
They are made.

Finally, practical management training designed specifically for the non-profit and public sectors.

Delivered by Laridae’s experienced consultants with years of experience inside and outside the non-profit sector, our Management Training Program provides managers with the fundamental skills and tools they need to thrive in their role.

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If you or your management team are interested in developing the skills needed to manage confidently and effectively, this is an excellent opportunity. Delivered remotely by our skilled instructors, who have extensive experience in leading online adult education, this program is available to anyone in Canada.

You can learn more about the content, format and benefits of the program below.

Space is limited and fills up quickly, so we recommend that you enroll earlier to guarantee your spot.

Management Training: Program Overview

Who is this for?

This program is designed for non-profit managers of all levels, including those who:

  • Are currently, or will be, managing people at a non-profit organization
  • Want to become more effective at managing staff
  • Have an open mind and are willing to try new things
  • Are eager to learn

What do participants learn?

We provide participants with the right amount of theory and practice to apply the skills they learn to their unique situation. Here are just a few of the topics we cover:

  • Time management techniques 
  • Creating and running productive meetings
  • Communicating effectively with your team and organization
  • Setting expectations and delegating productively
  • Motivating and engaging your staff
  • Building and growing your team

“It’s 6 months after our whole team began the Laridae training. So I wanted to share a compliment that I recently heard, at a regular 1:1 check in with a staff member:

‘Things feel different around here, like a breath of fresh air. Whatever you all learned at that training I can tell you’ve bought in, you seem excited. I feel like things are starting to change for the better. And I talk more openly with all my colleagues and I trust that I can tell you anything and you’ll respond and support us.'”

“It was very relevant to our organization’s needs with practical tools I feel confident in implementing. It was also facilitated very well, professionalism and passion came throughout the training.”

– Amanda Lipinski, Program Director, Indigenous Diabetes Health Circle

“I was able to increase my knowledge and acquire practical strategies to apply in the various areas.”

– Vickie Jennings, Program Director, Durham Family Court Clinic


A Unique Format Designed for Effective and Engaging Adult Learning

Laridae’s Management Training Program employs a uniquely “scaffolded” approach, with a diverse set of opportunities for interactive learning.

Interactive Classroom Sessions

Delivered virtually, our classroom sessions are interactive and engaging. All sessions are facilitated by leaders with extensive experience in the non-profit sector, who ensure that participants can apply theory to their own workplace.

1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

Each participant is paired with an experienced Laridae consultant. The one-on-one coaching sessions create a safe place for participants to reflect and ask questions related to their unique challenges and professional development.

Coffeehouse Discussion Sessions

Our popular ‘coffeehouse’ sessions provide a relaxed atmosphere for facilitated group discussion, where all participants learn from each other and build the confidence to strengthen their leadership and management skills.

Take-home Tools and Guides

Participants never leave a session empty-handed. Each module includes take-home tools and guides which are yours to keep, so you can keep applying your learning in the future.

“Engaging discussions, listening to experience of others, and the individual coaching sessions help me to grow.”

– Adelle Volpone, Manager of Clinical Services, Family Services York Region

“The virtual delivery actually saved me travel time which was great”

– Genevieve Cyr, Manager of Support Services, Boys and Girls Club of Kawartha Lakes


Topics Covered: Non-Profit Management Essentials

Our Management Training Program consists of six core modules that teach participants the essential management skills they need to excel at their job. Expansions modules can be added for an enhanced experience.

The Six Core Modules

“Introduction to Management”
Participants are introduced to the art and science of management, including the key skills that managers need to be successful.

“Effective Internal Communications”
Learn how to effectively manage internal communications and ensure core messages are not only shared, but received.

“Building the Right Team”
Develop the three core skills you need to build a great team: recruit well, onboard effectively, and foster team cohesion.

“Motivation & Engagement”
This module focuses on the key components of motivation and engagement of people. What makes us thrive? How do we strengthen our weaknesses?

“Setting Expectations and Delegation”
With a focus on best practices for executing on goals, this module will help managers to lead staff toward greater independence and collaboration.

“Developing People”
Learn how to align your organization’s values with those of your staff. Develop your team and allow your organization to have its greatest impact.

Optional Expansion Modules

Managing Through Change
Grounded in the fundamentals of change management, participants learn how individuals and organizations react to change, how they can support or lead through change, and what different personalities within the group need to be successful.

Finance for Non-Finance Managers
Do you know the true costs of service in your organization? Why should finance matter to non-finance managers? Suitable for audiences of all experience levels, this module teaches participants how to draw insights from financial numbers and use them to make informed decisions.

Team Collaboration and Cohesion
What are your team’s unique qualities? What tools and skills are needed for the team to perform at a high level? Explore the core principles of collaboration and learn how to work cohesively as a team.

“I learned something new from every module! I especially enjoyed the Setting Expectations, Motivation, and Developing People modules.

The best part of the training were the professional facilitators who kept it light, humorous, interactive, and right on schedule, while acknowledging the need for breaks! Very well done!”

– Crystal Bomberry, Diabetes Wellness Worker, Indigenous Diabetes Health Circle


Meet Your Instructors

Laridae’s team of experienced consultants deliver the training. We have coached and supported leaders at all levels of the non-profit sector. See our bios below!

Ugette Vanderpost

A gifted educator and speaker, Ugette brings to this role a wide range of leadership skills. For over twenty years she has been dedicated to guiding others as they engage in their own learning and professional development. Her experience includes organizational development, strategic problem solving, and transition planning. Her strengths are in facilitating conversations that build trust and commitment towards a common vision. As a head of school, facilitator, and coach Ugette has honed collaboration techniques that build effective relationships across diverse communities.

In her role as Consultant at Laridae, she is committed to designing engaging learning opportunities for all clients. Ugette is currently completing her Master of Arts in Leadership through Royal Roads University. A lover of the great outdoors, Ugette also volunteers her time as a Varsity Rowing Coach for Trent University. She lives with her family in the Otonabee countryside, just outside of Peterborough, Ontario.

Valentina Kibedi

Community development and partnership building have been at the heart of Valentina’s career. For over ten years, Valentina has been building a range of experience in the non-profit and for-profit sectors—including four years at the YMCA of Greater Toronto.

Valentina has a passion for supporting mission-driven organizations to develop customized, actionable strategies, and transform their cultures. At Laridae, Valentina leads a range of strategy, facilitation, and planning projects, and provides training and coaching to non-profit professionals across Canada. Whether through strategic facilitation, stakeholder engagement, management and leadership training, or coaching, Valentina helps leaders implement change that lasts, and supports them to develop resilient teams and organizations.

Valentina holds a degree in Criminology from York University and has volunteered for a variety of community organizations in Peterborough and across the GTA.

Diane Pick

Diane’s expertise includes strategic leadership and building high-functioning organizations. With 30 years of experience as a leader of Children’s Treatment Centres in Ontario she has a deep practical understanding of the challenges that leaders in not-for-profit organizations experience. Her knowledge and expertise provide community leaders with support to maximize their impact and leadership potential. Her communication and facilitation skills enhance the interactive training program so all participants sharpen their leadership skills to leverage their capacity to demonstrate effective outcomes for their organizations.

Diane has engaged in ongoing leadership training including a certificate in Public Sector Leadership from the Rotman School of Business and has held the designation of Certified Health Executive from the Canadian College of Health Leadership for more than 25 years.

Siam Grobler

As a Consultant, Si is involved in strategic planning, communications, and branding. He also provides training and coaching to non-profit leaders. To ensure his clients receive trusted counsel for their most pressing needs, Si draws from his diverse academic background and work experience. He holds both a Bachelor and Masters degree in Biology and is currently completing a Master of Business Administration in Community Economic Development. This education has taught him to fully understand a problem and its context before providing a creative solution.

Before joining Laridae, he worked with the Peterborough Chamber of Commerce to support the local small-business community and to attract and retain new Members. He is passionate about improving the sustainability and impact of the non-profit sector, which is why he serves on the Board of Directors for a local non-profit and teaches the Social Enterprise and Social Innovation course at Trent University. He lives in Peterborough with his family and enjoys being outside running, golfing, camping and skiing.

Danielle Rocheleau

As CEO, Danielle leads the Laridae team, driving the future growth of the company. The foundation of Danielle’s professional experience, career, and passion has been rooted in community development. An entrepreneurial, strategic thinker, Danielle deploys collaborative approaches to problem-solving. She leads some of Laridae’s highest profile strategic planning, governance, communications, and branding projects.

Prior to consulting, she held executive roles with the Greater Peterborough Innovation Cluster (GPIC) and Peterborough & Kawarthas Economic Development (PKED). Danielle has actively engaged in governance throughout her career as a volunteer Board member of non-profits. She recently completed her Chartered Director (C.Dir.) program at McMaster University. Bilingual, Danielle is originally from Timmins.

“Engaging, friendly, and knowledgeable facilitators!”

– Claire Hanlon, Clinical Manager, Mental Health Services, Peterborough Regional Health Centre

“The trainers were so knowledgeable. I really enjoyed the content.”

– Rachel Mast Reesor, Clinical Coordinator: Community Consultation And Assessment Team, York Hills Centre for Children, Youth, and Families


How to Participate

Individuals: Enroll Now

Our Management Training Program is delivered online.

Organizations: Book Your Own Cohort

Training together with peers from your own organization offers unique benefits. Connections between colleagues deepen over the course of the program; creating opportunities for practicing the tools together.

Pricing begins at $2,995 + HST per participant for the six-module program. Funding support may be available through the Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG). If this is of interest, please email Valentina and we can provide support with the application process.

“As CEO, it was beneficial for me to be involved as I am fully aware of what was delivered across all modules, and can redirect people back to these trainings as needed to ensure the material is consolidated.

Having our group participate in these sessions together strengthened our cohesiveness, especially by involving supervisory/lead staff in the same cohort as management.”

– Katlyn Guthrie, CEO, Canopy Support Services