Strategic Planning Organizational Readiness Self-Assessment Tool

Who is this tool for?

Are you thinking about starting your next strategic planning process? Would you like to identify which areas of your organization are well-prepared and which areas need to be flagged and addressed?

This tool is designed for non-profit leaders who wish to take the time to reflect on these foundational questions and strategic issues before they begin a planning process, in order to improve the outcome.

Ultimately, this Organizational Readiness Self-Assessment Tool will support your organization in determining your readiness and capacity to engage in a strategic planning process productively.

What does this tool include?

The tool contains questions that help you assess your organizational readiness in the following areas:

1. Impact
2. Organizational Awareness
3. Stakeholders
4. Leadership
5. Communications

What will you get out of using this tool?

This tool enables organizational self-reflection and assessment.

The questions can be used to prompt impactful discussions with your leadership team and board, which fosters shared insights into the strategic issues and opportunities that are before the organization.

If you are interested in discussing the results of your assessment, please feel free to reach out to us via our contact page or call us at 705-243-5585 and we can set up an initial discovery session.

Download the Organizational Readiness Self-Assessment Tool

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