Laridae Statement on Anti-Racism

Systemic racism exists in Peterborough, Ontario, and throughout Canada.

Laridae condemns white supremacy and the racism ingrained within our political and cultural systems. We recognize that these exist in ways that are both overt and systemic, and that our collective systems subject Black people to discrimination and injustice.

We grieve with so many around the world in the face of unjust deaths and ongoing discrimination.

We stand in solidarity with Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) colleagues and community members. We are committed to confronting racism whenever and wherever we find it.

Laridae is a B Corp. We are deeply committed to justice and creating caring communities. What is clear, as we reflect on this powerful global moment, is that there is much, much more work for us to do. We can and will do better. We commit to the following actions:

  • We will continue to educate ourselves as individuals and as a company.
  • We will continue to amplify Black voices in our networks.
  • We will prioritize equity and anti-racist practices and evaluate and improve our workplace processes and systems, both internally and through our work with all our non-profit clients.
  • We will continue to support BIPOC organizations and seek opportunities to provide volunteer or pro-bono support to emerging BIPOC organizations. 
  • We will proactively work to combat racism in all its forms and in all contexts – as individuals, as a company, and in our work with clients.

We will do the work. And we will report back, publicly, on our efforts and activities in 12 months.

Yours in solidarity,

The Laridae Team