Communications & Positioning

How we can help:

  • Communication Audits
  • Strategic Communication Plans
  • Crisis Communications
  • Brand Assessments, Language, and Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy

Communications, and proper positioning for marketing and branding is about telling the right stories. The right story is one that resonates and clarifies and allows a person to make sense of the world. We are dedicated to helping leaders earn trust by crafting meaningful, honest stories about their organizations’ work or changes ahead. In doing so, we contribute to building community, making life clearer and better for everyone invested in, or touched by the organization, its work, its service, and its mission.

Communications is one of the most important and varied functions in non profits and public agencies. You need a strategy that covers all your organization’s communications needs, and skilled people to execute the strategy. With tight budgets and multiple demands on staff time, it can be difficult to communicate effectively in every situation — from routine in-house messages to advertising campaigns, media relations, crisis communications, and social media.

Laridae works with a series of talented, professional graphic designers to support any project with beautifully presented materials to suit your needs.

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