We have many ways for our clients to use their dollars really effectively. Here are some frequently asked questions on pricing, scoping projects, and hiring Laridae.

1. What are the ways I can hire Laridae to help my organization?

There are a number of different ways our clients engage us.

Defined Project: Clients often hire us on a project basis. Projects might last anywhere from a few weeks to many months. To do this, some issue formal Request for Proposals (RFP), or ask for a quote, to which we present our approach, scope, and pricing in response to the issued criteria. However, others simply call us. We discuss their needs and together we scope their project, agree on timelines, and fit it within their budget.

Examples of projects include: strategic planning, operational or organizational human resource (HR) reviews, government relations (GR) campaigns, or re-branding.

Retainer: Because we can help in so many different areas across an organization, some clients put us on retainer. We tend to work very closely with these clients in an ongoing way, but usually in smaller amounts such as a few hours a month, and over a longer period of time (typically retainers are yearly). By pre-purchasing a fixed number of hours each month, EDs call us whenever they want immediate help. It guarantees them that we’ll be available to help them right away, and that they’ll be working with a consultant who already knows their organization deeply. Sometimes it’s strategic advice with an emerging HR issue, or a board governance quandary. Sometimes it’s a crisis and they need urgent PR and GR help. While other times, clients need ongoing coaching for managers or leaders, or boards. There’s no one way that’s typical. It just depends on what an organization’s needs are, and how much and how frequently they require our assistance.

Hourly: Organizations large and small can always call us for help. Maybe it’s just for an hour or two to work through a tough problem. Or, perhaps it’s an evolving situation that isn’t easily scoped, so we agree to work together for a fixed period of time, and re-evaluate at, say, the 10-hour mark. We always do our best to accommodate these “out of the blue” calls.

Fixed Price: There are some services we offer that are akin to “packages” and have fixed prices, such as staff or board training.

2. I’m worried management consultants are too expensive for my organization?

While our public sector clients have clear procurement policies that structure how they purchase our services, many non-profits, charities, and associations only use consultants occasionally, and they tend to have lots of questions on how to go about hiring a consultant, and how much they cost.

We know that non-profits and public sector organizations are on tight budgets. We have competitive rates. This means we are not cheap and we are not expensive. We work with our clients to ensure they get really great value from working with us. If we do this, you’ll have us back to help again, and you’ll tell your colleagues in other organizations to call us. It’s in our best interests to have you thrilled with the value we’ve provided you.

3. How do you make sure your bills don’t creep up once we begin working together?

They don’t. Ever. We never do work that isn’t explicitly scoped and approved, in writing, before we begin. Yes, sometimes after we begin a project, together with the client we decide that additional work needs to occur (for example, more focus groups with additional stakeholders), but we only do this work once it’s been priced out, scoped and agreed to by our client in advance.

4. Do I know what the final bill will be at the outset?


5. Is there a non-profit discount?

No. Because all of our clients are non-profits, we already work with your best interests in mind. We believe that our sector needs management consultants that they can call their own. So, our processes, scoping, and pricing is geared to our sector’s budgets and pressures.

6. How does your invoicing work?

Projects: If the project is small, we invoice when it’s complete. If it’s big, we typically invoice a portion at the start, and the rest after major milestones have been completed. This is spelled out in a Scope of Work agreement, in advance of the project beginning.

Retainer: Monthly invoices are sent, for the same amount, each month. If you want to learn more about this option, call us to learn more because we customize each retainer to meet the needs of the client.

Hourly: Upon completion of the work.

7. Before I could hire you, I’d need you come to our Board or management team and talk about your services. Is there a cost to doing this?

No. We videoconference in, or attend, many meetings with Board or management teams and learn more about their needs, and begin to work them on a consulting solution that fits their unique needs. Just phone—let’s talk.

If you’d like to discuss your needs, contact us today!