Our Mission, Vision and Values


We partner with non-profit leaders, teams, and communities to find clarity, build capacity, and empower meaningful change.


A thriving non-profit sector with impactful leaders, adaptable teams, and healthy communities.



Because people come first in everything we do, empathy is our starting point. We believe that equitable opportunity is integral to a strong, diverse team. We know that great work and healthy group dynamics are fuelled by respect, joy, belonging, and teamwork. We believe that balance contributes to wellbeing, and we respect healthy boundaries. As lifelong learners, we lean into vulnerability and continuous growth.


We are willing to go first, to change, and to learn. We challenge our clients and ourselves with hard questions and permit uncomfortable silences. For us, real solutions need both creative space and time, encouraging improvisation to get unstuck. We celebrate trying new and different ways of doing things, regardless of the outcome. When we are wrong, we admit it. To have the biggest impact, we embrace complex work, accept uncertainty, and move forward with integrity, authenticity, and transparency.


Trusting, ethical relationships are essential to us—we can’t be successful without them. We build trust by being clear, consistent, and by following through to the very end. We enter relationships honestly, intentionally, and for the long term, hoping to learn and grow together. Everyone here is trusted, supportive, and dedicated to collectively navigating the challenges and opportunities presented to our clients, to our company, and to our team.


We each engage in a range of communities. From the geographic regions we work and live within, to our social and professional networks, to the groups of people with which we work. As a social purpose organization, we believe in investing in and adding capacity to the many communities we engage with. Ultimately, we seek to support clients to strengthen their organizations and enrich the communities they serve.