Operational Planning for Non-Profits

You have an impressive new strategic plan but aren’t sure how best to implement it.

You just don’t have capacity to dig into the details and assign tasks. You’re not sure where to start or how long each part should take to complete, or what milestones will be of interest to your Board.

We can help with an operational plan that identifies priorities and creates an achievable pathway to success.

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What is special about our approach to operational planning?

Our Operational Plans are step-by-step guides that help you achieve the goals set out in your Strategic Plan.


More practical than visionary, our plans include concrete next steps on a timeline that works for you.


We help ensure your entire organization moves in the same direction at the right time.

Fosters Buy-In

We help you manage expectations internally, assisting with buy-in.

Helps Managers do Their Job

Managers are better equipped to find capacity on their teams at predetermined times throughout the year than when the requests come in ad-hoc.

“The primary benefit of working with Laridae was having someone with the knowledge and expertise work alongside us in the development of our operational review and plan, always keeping us on track and guiding us in the direction that would most benefit our organization.”

– Jennifer McKeown, Development & Communications Coordinator, Elizabeth Fry Society of Northwestern Ontario

What will you have at the end of the operational planning process?

  • Capacity for managing other essential areas of your organization’s workflow

  • A tactical implementation guide for how to achieve the objectives of your Strategic Plan

  • A roadmap of prioritized, achievable tasks with acceptable timelines

  • Alignment and buy-in from managers across the organization

  • Clarity on metrics and KPIs

  • A framework for effective communications with your Board on progress toward your Strategic Plan goals

“Valentina and Kristen were organized, professional, knowledgeable and approachable. They guided our volunteer Board through an effective and efficient process for strategic planning that engaged a wide range of stakeholders right from the start. They quickly grasped the challenges and opportunities our organization is facing, and helped us distill our priorities into an actionable strategic framework and operational planning document. Thank you for an enjoyable and productive strategic planning process!”

– Jill Holroyd, Pflag Canada

What is it like to develop an operational plan with Laridae?

Our goal is to help you find capacity to deliver your services in your community. Our approach is flexible: We can teach you how to create your own Operational Plan, or we can create it for you.

Phase I: Project Planning

We start with your Strategic Plan, break it all down, and simplify it into unique projects. From here, we will work with you to create a tactical workplan that is attainable within your timeframe.

Phase II: Training & Internal Communications

We will train your team so they can cascade the work across the organization. Every team will own their part and can see the results of work demonstrated in improved performance over time on KPI dashboards and scorecards. 

Phase III: Keep Your Board in the Loop

Finally, we will show you what your Board is looking for, and how to present your operational milestones as progress on your Strategic Plan.

Here for You, Every Step of the Way

We support you at every step along the way.

With tools and checklists, communications tips and project management expertise, working with Laridae means the planning will be professionally completed, on time and on budget.

The legacy will be deeper engagement and an increased level of trust.

What experience does Laridae have helping non-profits with Operational Planning?

Case Study: Helping the Elizabeth Fry Society of Northwestern Ontario Manage Organizational Growth

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Northwestern Ontario (EFSNWO) is a charitable organization with a mandate to support and advocate for women who are in prison, transitioning back into the community, and at risk of criminalization.

Read about how we were able to help the EFSNWO develop a focused and actionable operational plan.

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