Deep Dive Session: “Difficult Conversations”

Discover and go beyond the Achilles heel of your communication

There are people you work with, that you must get through to and that you must have their buy-in. And yet – you don’t. Your conversations end up in one or more of these buckets…

  1. Arguing: yet another back-and-forth where you wind up accommodating to get it over with or wasting hours trying to make your point.  
  2. Manipulation: them saying what you want to hear and never following through…again. 
  3. Silent Domination: they say little or nothing while you get more and more aggravated asking questions.
  4. Suppression: you say little or nothing because you don’t trust what’s going to come out of your mouth.
  5. Excuses: you listen to justifications and reasons for why it didn’t get done with zero responsibility on their end…again
  6. Drama: when you confront anything they say, they get sad, even cry, and you feel bad.
  7. Wishy Washiness: they say maybe and never commit so you have to keep chasing them for an answer.

Who is this Session for?

This program is designed for non-profit managers and leaders of all levels, including those who:

  • Are currently, or will be, managing people at a non-profit organization
  • Want to become more effective at managing staff
  • Have an open mind and are willing to try new things
  • Are eager to learn

Next Session

May 17, 2022
9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Interactive Live Zoom Session
Link will be sent in advance.

Regular Price
$399 CAD/person

Laridae Alumni Price
$199 CAD/person

Class-Size Limit
20 People

What Will You Gain from this Session?

This 3-hour intensive will give you a simple and powerful model that will unlock ANY challenging conversations no matter what they say to you. You’ll leave with:

  1. Freedom to hear anything without being defensive
  2. Confidence in your ability to handle anything people say
  3. Simple yet Powerful Questions that will shift people’s attitudes

Clients who’ve done these exercises regularly recoup 90% of their time and energy on their most difficult issues.  Bring your most challenging leadership situation, the one with the highest risk or highest reward, and workshop it in a way that is guaranteed to produce new results.


There is no prerequisite or preparatory material for this course, other than a desire to learn and improve your non-profit management and leadership skill set!

Led by Kevin Gangel

Kevin is a Founding Partner at Unstoppable Conversations. In addition to delivering world-class sessions and keynotes, Kevin creates and connects a network of clients who are committed to impacting the world from where they are with what they’ve got; and who aren’t satisfied for things to continue along the same path just because that’s how it’s always been.

Kevin offers 15 years of corporate sales and leadership expertise having managed a multi–million dollar business with a national top 10 professional services firm. He was instrumental is producing annual growth rates of 30-50 percent resulting in seven ‘doubles’ in 10 years, and was a two-time Alberta Venture finalist in both Business Results and Best Workplace categories.

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