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You may already know the challenge of getting an entire management team on the same page – especially if your organization is experiencing change – and what organization isn’t?

Or perhaps you’re a new non-profit manager struggling to manage the people who were once your colleagues, dealing with issues you’ve never faced before, yet are expected to have all the answers?

Great managers aren’t born. They are made.

The fact is, management teams come to the table from radically varied backgrounds; some right from service roles, some from under strong supervisors and some who have been left to fend for themselves.

No matter the current makeup of your team, there is no better way to establish consistent management practices, build future capacity, and support ongoing change than to invest in management skills training.

Skilled, confident, competent managers can improve morale, reduce turnover and build capacity with existing resources.  

Laridae offers a Management Training Program for non-profit managers that provides the practical, fundamental skills they need to thrive in their roles.

What will they learn?

  • Time management techniques 
  • Creating and running productive meetings
  • Communicating effectively within the organization
  • Setting expectations and delegating productively
  • Motivating and engaging staff
  • Building and growing a team

For Individuals or Organizations

  • Public programs for individual learners – excellent for setting a solid foundation for growth 
  • Private programs for larger groups of managers from the same organization – terrific for building cohesion and collaboration within existing management teams

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