Strategy & Governance


How we can help:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Change Management
  • Issues and Crisis Management

Thoughtful, long-term planning keeps organizations on track, helps them achieve their goals, and enables them to weather shifts in the broader funding or philanthropic environment.

We are strategic planning experts. We pride ourselves in excellent project management, deep stakeholder engagement, facilitated decision making, leadership coaching, research, and communications. We know how to ask tough questions and listen hard, producing plans that inspire action. Laridae works with organizations that are ready to define their future in a deliberate way. We work with you to be sure that all aspects are considered, and that the planning process increases awareness about your organizations.


How we can help:

  • Policy Review and Development
  • Board Training and Development
  • Leadership Coaching

Good governance means that directors understand their roles and responsibilities. It means that committees work effectively. And that the right policies and procedures are in place, followed, and updated regularly. Boards that strive to continually improve their governance work achieve better results.

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