Management and Leadership Training for Non-Profits

Leadership Development Program

Training for Board Members, Executives and Senior Managers: Lead with confidence and clarity.

Are you new to your leadership role, looking to get your bearings? Or an experienced leader looking to “level up” with current best practices in the non-profit sector?

Do you want to leverage your capacity to lead your organization to have an even bigger impact in your community?

Join your peers in our Leadership Development Program, an engaging and interactive program designed specifically for leaders like you in the non-profit sector.

You will graduate this program with practical know-how that will help you avoid common but costly missteps and guide your organizations with newfound confidence and clarity.

Management Training Program

Training for Supervisors, Senior Managers and Front-Line Managers: Great managers are not born. They are made.

Let us know if this sounds familiar: You chose a career in the non-profit sector because you wanted to help people. You started on the frontlines, worked hard and made a difference. As a result, you got promoted.

Now you’re a manager and you’re facing a brand new set of responsibilities. You are doing your best, but it’s challenging. At times, it’s overwhelming. Shouldn’t your education, skills, and experience have prepared you for this?

Managers need a whole new set of tools to do their job well. We aren’t born with them, and it’s hard to learn them on the job.

Designed and run by individuals with years of experience inside and outside of the non-profit sector, our Management Training Program bridges this gap by providing managers in the non-profit sector with the fundamental skills and tools they need to thrive in their job.

Custom Training and Workshops

As seasoned consultants and educators, Laridae designs dynamic workshops on relevant topics to suit all levels of leadership at your organization. Laridae can customize a workshop to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of your team.

  • Change Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Motivating and Empowering Staff
  • Board Governance
  • Strategic Clarity
  • Succession Planning
  • Operational Planning