Leadership Development Program for Non-Profits

Lead with Confidence & Clarity

Join a leadership development program designed specifically for you—CEOs, Executive Directors, Senior Managers, and Board Members in the non-profit sector.

Non-profit leaders will graduate this program with practical know-how to help them avoid common but costly missteps and guide their organizations with newfound confidence and clarity.

  • Deepen your understanding of good governance
  • Develop strategic clarity for your organization
  • Manage and mitigate enterprise-wide risk
  • Lead purposeful change
  • Tell a powerful organizational story
  • Plan for leadership transition and succession

First Cohort Begins March 2020!

Laridae and the United Way Peterborough are excited to be working together to provide this exceptional professional development opportunity for the Peterborough non-profit sector. In order to ensure that the program is accessible, scholarships are available to leaders from smaller organizations.

Training Program Overview

Who is this for?

Laridae’s Leadership Development Program is designed specifically for leadership in the non-profit and public sectors and caters to experienced leaders and those new to the role.

  • You are someone who is currently, or will be, a senior leader or volunteer board member of a non-profit organization.
  • You want to better understand the value of healthy dynamics between executive leadership and the board.
  • You want to best leverage your capacity to lead your organization to have an even bigger impact in your community.
  • You are eager to learn, have an open mind and are willing to try new things.

What makes this program unique?

Each module is designed to address issues uniquely faced by non-profits.

Not only is the program rooted in best-practice and leadership theory, but it’s paired with practical tools and resources for quick implementation.

What is the format?

Led by Laridae’s experienced consultants, six 3-hour classroom sessions cover the core components of the non-profit leadership program.

Each training module will include interactive discussions, using real-world, practical examples from the non-profit sector.

What does this training program cost?

The cost is $2,195 + HST per participant. Leaders at smaller non-profit organizations may be eligible for partial scholarships. Please contact us to learn more.

The Six Program Modules

Module 1: Governance 101

Deepen your understanding of good governance. Ensure that your Board members work well together, make effective decisions, and fulfill their fiduciary duties. Learn about the role of the Board versus the role of management, how to get good advice, and how to conduct Board business both efficiently and thoroughly.

Module 2: Strategic Clarity

Develop strategic clarity for your organization. Good strategy builds organizational capacity, enables good decision-making, assists with communication, and creates healthy work environments. In this workshop, you will learn how to build a positive strategic planning process. One that leads to deeper engagement, consensus, and a renewed commitment to your mission and vision.

Module 3: Risk Management & Business Continuity

Manage and mitigate enterprise-wide risk. Learn how to implement an enterprise-wide risk management framework. Begin to proactively—and preventatively—manage your biggest risks. Improve your business acumen through the use of risk-identification methods. You will leave with the tools necessary to assess your organization’s risks and implement mitigation strategies.

Module 4: Readiness for Change

Lead purposeful change. This facilitated, interactive session will enable you to self-assess your readiness for change as a leader. How will your team members, and organization, react when change occurs? What role will they play on the team to help manage change? What do you need for change to be successful?

Module 5: Storytelling

Tell a powerful organizational story. How can you cultivate your organization’s stories? Why should we tell stories? What are the essential elements of a good story? This interactive workshop will help you use storytelling to effectively market and communicate your brand, fundraise, advocate, recruit, and engage staff and volunteers.

Module 6: Succession Planning

Plan for leadership transition and succession. A change in key leadership functions is a cultural and operational milestone for an organization. Prepare for inevitable leadership transitions by identifying and cultivating leadership from within your organization, planning for external recruitment, and making sure that each stakeholder understands their role and knows “what’s next” when leadership change occurs.