Management Training Program for Non-Profits

Great managers are not born. They are made.

Finally, practical management training built for the non-profit and public sectors. Designed and run by individuals with years of experience inside and outside the non-profit sector, Laridae’s Management Training Program provides managers in the non-profit sector with the fundamental skills and tools they need to thrive in their job.

What You will get out of this Program

Whether you’re a new manager who wants to get oriented, or an experienced manager who wants to get re-acquainted with current best-practices, this program will help you excel at – and even enjoy! – your role as manager. It goes beyond just theory – we work with you to apply the skills you learn to your unique situation.

  • Efficiently manage your time
  • Run effective meetings
  • Communicate effectively with your team and with your organization
  • Set expectations and delegate effectively
  • Assess and enhance your readiness for change
  • Retain your staff and help them grow

Learn More

It’s 6 months after our whole team began the Laridae training. So I wanted to share a compliment that I recently heard, at a regular 1:1 check in with a staff member:

“Things feel different around here, like a breath of fresh air. Whatever you all learned at that training I can tell you’ve bought in, you seem excited. I feel like things are starting to change for the better. And I talk more openly with all my colleagues and I trust that I can tell you anything and you’ll respond and support us.”

How to Participate

Individuals: Online Management Training Program Starts May 2020

We’re bringing our Management Training Program online, so that non-profit managers can continue to have the opportunity for professional development while we remain physically distant and help to flatten the curve. Registration is open until Friday, May 8.

Organizations: Book Your Own Cohort

Single-Organization Training:Training together with peers from your own organization offers unique benefits. Everyone gets to know each other closely over the course of the program, and when it is complete everyone is on the same page when they go back to work.

Cross-Organizational Training: Cross Organizational Training is ideal for organizations that are looking to provide a broader management exposure to their employees than just the perspective of their organization. Participants in these sessions are at similar stages in their careers, but come from similar sized organizations from various sectors. This allows participants to speak frankly during the lessons and enriches the learning experience as the managers realize that despite the differences in their sectors, many of the challenges they face are universal.

If you are interested in booking a cohort for your managers or a collaborative cohort with your community partners with 10 or more participants, contact us.


Program Overview

Who You Are

Laridae’s management training program is designed specifically for managers in the non-profit and public sectors and caters to people at all levels.

  • You are currently, or will be, managing people at a non-profit organization
  • You want to become more effective at managing staff
  • You have an open mind and are willing to try new things
  • You are eager to learn

What is the format?

  • Six “Classroom” Modules: Led by Laridae’s experienced consultants, six 3-hour classroom sessions cover the core modules of effective management.
  • Six “Coffeehouse” Facilitated Discussion Sessions: In the weeks between each classroom module, Laridae lead facilitated online discussion sessions that an enable you to get help with your unique challenges and graduate from the program with personal connections to fellow managers and leaders from across the province.
  • Tools and Guides: With the delivery of each module, we provide valuable takeaway material including case studies, guides, and tools that you can use to apply the learning in your workplace.
  • 1:1 Coaching Available: Our team has coached leaders in all levels of the non-profit sector. If you are interested in 1:1 help, we are happy to setup coaching sessions (additional fees apply).

What makes this program unique?

  • Built for Non-Profits: Each module is designed to address issues uniquely faced by non-profits.
  • Practical and Engaging: We go beyond just theory and the classroom by helping participants implement what they learn. During our 1-on-1 training sessions, individuals learn how to overcome their specific management challenges so that the results stick.

What does this training program cost?

New with our online training format is sliding scale pricing. The total cost of the online programs depends on the size of your organization. Details are available on the registration page.

I learned something new from every module! The best part of the training were the professional facilitators who kept it light, humorous, interactive, and right on schedule, while acknowledging the need for breaks! Very well done!


The Six Training Modules

Module 1: “Introduction to Management”

This module introduces participants to the art of management and identifies the key skills that managers need to be successful. Participants will learn time management techniques and how to run effective meetings. Concepts covered: management vs leadership, model for managing, change matrix, time matrix, prioritization scorecards, getting things done.

Module 2: “Effective Internal Communications”

This module will outline how managing effective internal communications can ensure core messages are not only shared but received. We will explore a manager’s role in communicating with their team, but also across an organization. Concepts covered: models for effective communications, 10 tips and tools, message development.

Module 3: “Setting Expectations and Delegation”

This module teaches participants communication best practices for them to work through their staff to get things done. This includes not just setting expectations, but also the feedback and follow-through needed to achieve the desired results. Concepts covered: Expectation best practices, stretch goals, SMART, goal setting, verbal upfront contracts, tools for effective delegation, 1-on-1 meetings.

Module 4: “Readiness for Change”

This module introduces the key principles to consider when moving through change, as well as key communications and engagement strategies that can enhance internal and external buy-in. The group will self-assess their individual readiness for change and allows for group discussion and reflection on how each team member reacts when change occurs, what role they play on the team to manage change, and what each person within the group needs for change to be successful. Concepts covered: Assessing change, seven steps of change management, continuous improvement framework, communications through change.

Module 5: “Motivation”

Studies show that morale in an employee declines sharply after their first six months and continues to deteriorate for years afterwards. This module teaches participants what they can do to prevent that decline and keep their employees engaged and motivated. Concepts covered: AMP motivation model, capitalizing on strengths, managing around weaknesses, giving praise, four tendencies.

Module 6: “Developing People”

This module teaches participants how to develop staff in a way that lets them define a career that fits the needs of both the organization and staff member. Organizations can increase retention and focus their training budgets on areas that will have the greatest impact. Concepts covered: Coaching and mentoring, effective relationships, educational development, career pathing, improving engagement, succession planning.

It was very relevant to our organization’s needs with practical tools I feel confident in implementing. It was also facilitated very well, professionalism and passion came throughout the training.


Meet Your Instructors

Danielle Rocheleau

As CEO, Danielle leads the Laridae team, driving the future growth of the company. The foundation of Danielle’s professional experience, career, and passion has been rooted in community development. An entrepreneurial, strategic thinker, Danielle deploys collaborative approaches to problem-solving. She leads some of Laridae’s highest profile strategic planning, governance, communications, and branding projects. Prior to consulting, she held executive roles with the Greater Peterborough Innovation Cluster (GPIC) and Peterborough & Kawarthas Economic Development (PKED). Danielle has actively engaged in governance throughout her career as a volunteer Board member of non-profits. She is currently completing her Chartered Director (C.Dir.) program at McMaster University. Bilingual, Danielle is originally from Timmins.

Jonathan Bennett
Founder & Senior Associate

Jonathan provides sought-after strategic counsel to leaders, executive teams, and boards across Ontario. With experience in urban, rural, remote, and First Nations communities, Jonathan’s expertise is in strategic planning, governance, change management, and communications. He was Laridae’s CEO for its first eight years. Jonathan is now solely focused on leading client projects as one of the firm’s Senior Associates.

Before founding Laridae, he held leadership roles at a large regional hospital, as well as education and social services organizations. A widely published and award-winning writer, Jonathan is the author of seven books. An experienced director, Jonathan currently serves as the Chair of the Board of the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN). He obtained his Chartered

Matt Ditchfield
Senior Associate

Matthew is a leadership, change management and improvement strategy specialist. As the former CEO of a global non-profit, Matthew has significant experience in coaching and supporting leaders of public sector and non-profit organisations in rapid system change and financial efficiency. Matthew’s background provides diverse areas of expertise, from recruitment and social justice to policy development, public speaking, crisis management, sustainability and continuous improvement strategies.

With over 20 years’ experience in leadership and management, Matthew has served as a school and business leader, executive officer in international professional associations, and advisor to government for organizational reviews and restructuring and policy development. Known for being direct and solution focused, with an ability to condense complex issues into logical steps to success, Matthew is highly motivated to exceed organizational targets and has a track record to match. Born in England, Matthew lives with his family in Lakefield, Ontario.

Ugette Vanderpost
Senior Associate & Training Lead

A gifted educator and speaker, Ugette brings to this role a wide range of leadership skills. For over twenty years she has been dedicated to guiding others as they engage in their own learning and professional development. Her experience includes organizational development, strategic problem solving, and transition planning. Her strengths are in facilitating conversations that build trust and commitment towards a common vision. As a head of school, facilitator, and coach Ugette has honed collaboration techniques that build effective relationships across diverse communities. In her role as Senior Associate and Training Lead at Laridae, she is committed to designing engaging learning opportunities for all clients. Ugette is currently completing her Master of Arts in Leadership through Royal Roads University. A lover of the great outdoors, Ugette also volunteers her time as a Varsity Rowing Coach for Trent University. She lives with her family in the Otonabee countryside, just outside of Peterborough, Ontario.