Announcement: Social Impact Advisors joins Laridae

We’re thrilled to share an exciting development in our journey: Social Impact Advisors (SIA) is joining Laridae. Their staff are joining our team, and Laridae will now be offering an enhanced range of services to support our non-profit and social purpose clients.

Who is Social Impact Advisors (SIA)?

SIA is a respected consulting firm known for their expertise in strategic clarity, capacity building, and collective impact. Their core values and dedication to dedication to fostering positive align seamlessly with Laridae’s commitment to partnering with organizations like yours.

What does this mean for you?

This new chapter for Laridae is about joining forces to enhance our collective abilities and provide you with an even wider spectrum of strategic solutions.

In addition to strategic & operational planning, management training, and leadership and governance development, we will now support social impact organizations with:

  • Impact and Strategic Clarity: receive guidance, coaching and tools to get your team aligned on a clear statement of the meaningful difference you are going to make, and excited to take it on. 
  • Theory of Change: create a visual roadmap of what you must do to achieve your intended impact, making it easier to plan strategically and measure your impact.
  • Action Planning: during periods of change, find alignment across your team about the implications of your Theory of Change and ensure they are reflected in a clear action plan.

Ultimately, we now have a broader range of services to help you strengthen your organization’s strategic clarity, boosting your capacity for leadership, and achieving the impactful results you seek. We can better serve your evolving needs and continue to be your trusted strategic advisors.

Get in Touch

To learn more about these services, and see if they could be a good match for your organization, get in touch by email or book a 15-minute call with Jennifer Haddow, our Client Care Manager.

Learn More About the Merger

Laridae’s owner and CEO, Danielle Rocheleau, sat down with Social Impact Advisor’s President, Sally Fazal, to discuss:

  • Who is SIA? What kind of work do they do, and what makes them unique?
  • How did this merger come about? What drew the two companies together?
  • What exciting developments or initiatives can we anticipate in the future? What are the next steps on the horizon for Laridae with the addition of SIA?

You can watch the video of their discussion below.