My Experience as a Summer Intern at Laridae

By Maria Ahmed

These 3 months at Laridae as a corporate communication intern has been a very rewarding experience. I had the opportunity to work closely with the Operations and Communications team where I was able to advance my skill set. Not only have I fostered my personal development skills, but in addition, I have been able to work on my transferrable skills.

A thing I have found with regards to myself is that I can learn in a lot of various ways. Simply working on something until you learn it is one of them, and that is the one I have consistently been utilizing previously. I started working on my abilities and mastering things by taking a gander at what every other person is doing and seeing what I can take on from their technique, yet in addition seeing what doesn’t work and afterward change it to achieve the objective is much simpler and significantly more fruitful!

At the point when I was chosen as the contender for my job, I was a bit skeptical as to how the process of onboarding will work since I haven’t been virtually onboarded previously, but the HR manager made this process seamless and very efficient. Having worked previously, I did not face any challenges that were out of scope or where I couldn’t find a way to address them. I did however get to experience an incipient way of learning and incorporated my erudition and skill set to achieve my work goals.

I learned to take on a leadership role where my projects were concerned and moved gradually up to accomplish my set workplan. This internship not only provided me with the ability to adapt myself to the corporate learning and development system, but also gave me the authority to manage my projects my way and provided me with a unique learning experience.

A lot of times we tend to face challenges with time management and self-management, but one thing I noticed while working here was that from the beginning I was told to create a workplan for myself and that helped me map out my timelines, expectations, and projects beforehand. This prevented me from juggling too much between projects and provided me with a clear picture of what is to be expected and the time frame.

There was a time when I use to hesitate from asking questions, but with such an amazing and cooperative team, communication soon came easily for me. With such an open and collaborative team, communicating my thoughts, my questions and suggestion became very facile.  It also gave me the confidence to present my work in a more efficient manner.

Working here gave me solutions to many common situations interns face. One example is the potential barrier in communique and networking. Operating with different teams and running on numerous initiatives helped me in this regard. I believe that most of the challenges faced can be resolved through proper communication and adapting ourselves to the changes that come with different organizations. Sometimes I would feel that the information came at such a velocity that before even processing one part came the other parts, but my managers always took time to explain it to me and their willingness and openness to my questions were the reason why these challenges and issues didn’t hinder my work progress.

The outcome of this internship was very positive. Not only did I get to learn so much, and develop my personal development skills, but I also got to apply my transferrable skills and knowledge from previous involvements. I enjoy learning on a continuous basis and that’s why the small challenges that I faced helped me recognize how to direct myself towards getting outcomes when facing obstacles. These challenges evolved my learning capabilities and helped me present my work in a more efficient and efficacious manner. Communicating my thoughts, discussing the quandaries, and clearing any confusion while working led to a very successful and prosperous work term.  Taking initiatives, making use of the resources, managing time and priorities and obtaining support has not only helped me make this work term successful but also has benefited me in a long run.