Governance Training for Non-Profit Boards

With non-profit organizations navigating an increasingly complex world and working tirelessly to achieve their missions, strong governance at the board level is a critical factor for success.

Increasingly, we’ve been asked to provide governance training to non-profit boards around Ontario.

Whether board members need help understanding the fundamentals of good governance, building expertise, strengthening partnerships, or planning for the future, ongoing training can help a board achieve its goals.

Here are some of the benefits that organizations see when they invest in strengthening their board’s governance:

  • Increased Capacity: When boards have a better understanding of the fundamentals of good governance, they are able to operate with a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities, run better meetings, and increase their efficiency and capacity.
  • Team Building: Training is an excellent opportunity for a board to build cohesion and strengthen relationships with one another. It’s also an ideal time to onboard new directors.
  • Reduced Risk: Does your board have a clear understanding of risk? Volunteer board members are often surprised to learn about the many risks and legal responsibilities that come with serving as a director on a non-profit board. Our training covers everything you need to know to minimize your risk.
  • Stronger Leadership: Boards with strong governance can provide better leadership to an organization. They are also able to better navigate relationships with management teams and staff.
  • Increased Engagement: Stronger boards are more likely to attract and retain great people, and deepen the engagement and involvement of each director.
  • Better Outcomes: Organizations with strong boards who invest in ongoing education and training are more likely to operate effectively at all levels, and achieve more for their stakeholders and the communities they serve.

How would governance training benefit your board?

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