Updates to our Travel and In-Person Meeting Policy

With the unfortunate news emerging about the spread of the Omicron variant, it seems we are here again.

Just like so many of you, we are re-evaluating how we are going to be able to best do our work, while at the same time remaining committed to the health and well-being of our team, clients, and communities.

Following Local Health Guidelines

Laridae works with non-profits across Ontario and beyond in the social services and community based-health sectors, most of which serve vulnerable populations. This, paired with us not being ‘essential workers’ adds to the complexity in setting policies. The truth is, we risk increasing transmission of COVID-19 and its variants by traveling for in-person client meetings.

Rather than attempting to make up our own guidelines, we will continue to root our decisions in the public health regulations that are being rolled out in the regions we live and work in.

To remain in compliance with these regulations, and to keep our team, our clients and the many communities we work in safe, we will only be conducting in-person meetings and facilitation sessions when such activities are permitted in both our region and our client’s region.

Options for Adapting

We remain committed to an excellent client experience. We also understand that many of you are excited to get back to in-person sessions. As we have throughout the pandemic, we will remain as flexible and adaptable as possible around project processes and timelines.

If guidelines prohibit us from travelling to your location for an in-person session, two alternative options are available:

  1. Go Virtual: Over the last two years, we have experienced great success facilitating sessions virtually. We would be happy to stick with the original time and date, and switch your session from in-person to virtual.
  2. Reschedule: If in-person sessions remain a priority to you, we can reschedule the in-person session to a future date, when the guidelines will hopefully be eased. Please note that rescheduling sessions may cause cascading delays in the subsequent milestones of your project.

Next Steps

As we do every year, we’ll be closing our offices for two weeks over the holidays (December 17 to January 3).  When we return in the new year, we will reassess the situation and adjust our policy, processes, and schedules as necessary.

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season,

Danielle Rocheleau
CEO, Laridae