VIDEO: Laridae founder Jonathan Bennett joins Stu Harrison on The Think Tank

Jonathan Bennett, Founder & Senior Associate at Laridae joins Peterborough Chamber President and CEO Stu Harrison to talk about his series Not For Profits – Seven 30-minute Exercises to Kick Start Your Thinking.

The impacts of Covid-19 amongst non-profits have been as diverse as the sectors in which they support. We’ve seen charities cancelling events that, in the past, would have been the bulk of their fundraising efforts. Many front-line health and social service agencies have seen a surge in demand. Some charities have taken this time to rethink their strategy, with plans for aggressive fundraising – and to much success.

As sectors continue to adapt to the needs of their stakeholders, organizations who have been slow to react are impacted most. But whether you’re a government-funded agency who has secured annualized funding, or an organization whose service demands have dropped due to factors like immigration, there are things you can do to be better equipped for tomorrow.

Expert strategist Jonathan Bennett has identified where leaders can start:

  1. Think about your organization’s design
  2. Consider your management team
  3. Take another look at your brand
  4. Address governance
  5. Consider risk
  6. Think about the organization’s future
  7. Think about your own future

As the leader of a non-profit, your organization depends on your ingenuity to guide them through tough challenges. Asking yourself how core functions and systems can be adapted to the current climate is the first step to overcoming those challenges.

Learn More About the Seven Exercises

For a full breakdown of Jonathan’s concepts, check out the exercises that inspired this Think Tank session.

Interested in Discussing the Results of the Exercises?

We’ve found that these questions can spur some high-level questions about your organization. If you’d like to talk through your reflections, please feel free to contact us.