Year-end Greetings and Gratitude 2022

By Danielle Rocheleau, CEO

As another year comes to a close, the Laridae team has a lot to be grateful for — from the great new clients we’ve had the good fortune to meet to the friendly, familiar faces we’ve crossed paths with once again.

We’ve navigated organizational challenges along side you and although not always easy, it’s clear that it has been a year clearly defined by one world. Resilience. This year has left us energized – by you – the non-profit leaders, teams, and communities who continue to show up and and deliver important services.

Over this past year, you have likely come across one or more of the Laridae team members. What’s fun about that is that no matter how much I would love to, I don’t know everyone on our contact list personally anymore 🙂 So if we have not yet met, please allow me to introduce myself by way of the video below, as I share a few reflections about 2022:

Hi there,

My name is Danielle Rocheleau, and I am the CEO at Laridae.

I thought I would take a moment to reflect on 2022. We have been fortunate
enough this year to work with so many non-profits through what has proven to be yet again, another challenging year for the sector.

Through setting clear strategy, engaging your stakeholders, and training
managers from across the sector – we have joined you in exploring what
resilience means for our organizations.

From retaining great people and recruiting full complements of staff to
deliver your work, considering work-life balance, and maintaining healthy

…To the changing expectations of the workforce and the realities of
navigating the new world of work – whether you have decided to
remain a remote team, are exploring hybrid work, or have returned to
the office.

From supporting your clients who are naturally navigating more
complex needs and trying to find the right service at the right time…

…To the economic pressures, the social and the geo-political realities
impacting so many in our communities and our work.

Each of these items added complexities to an already complex

Through the pandemic we saw organizations looking at shorter-term
planning cycles – keeping a clear focus, reducing overwhelm, and remaining adaptable.

We are now seeing that non-profit leaders are aiming for a longer
term view of where they are now headed.

From everyone at Laridae — thank you for trusting us, for inspiring us and ultimately for inviting us to partner with you — the non-profit leaders, teams, and communities — to find clarity, build capacity, and empower meaningful change.

As we look toward the December holidays and the end of 2022, please take
a moment to celebrate your work and that of your team – and mostly: allow
yourself to rest, recharge, and look forward to a fantastic 2023.

Thank you,