Laridae Training Programs 1 Year Later: What Have We Learned?

Graduates from the cohort sponsored by Kinark Child and Family Services.

It has been over a year since we first launched our Management Training Program, and what a year it has been. 

With 6 cohorts graduated and 3 in progress, we have had the chance to engage over 100 non-profit and public sector professionals in transformative training experiences. We are fortunate to play a role in supporting organizational shifts and capacity building through our training programs — by encouraging meaningful self-reflection, building confidence and competence, and inspiring the use of new tools and practices.

Throughout this process, we’ve not only been teaching others; we have been learning, too.

Three Lessons Learned From Training Non-Profit Leaders

One year later and many lessons learned, here are three of our key reflections:

  1. The power that group discussion and personalized support has on creating stronger teams and a sense of community;
  2. The impact of great coaching on participants’ self-reflection and successful implementation of the learnings; and
  3. The need for practical learning and tools that reinforce management best practices.

What are we doing with this learning? Making some changes to our program, of course!

Enhancements to our Curriculum and Format

Based on our experiences, and reinforced by popular demand, we have updated and improved the program curriculum to deliver what small and medium sized non-profit organizations need most.

Updated Session Topics

Starting in September 2020, participants will have an opportunity to explore and learn about best-practice theory, frameworks, and practical tools for implementation through the following six program modules:

  1. Introduction to Management
  2. Effective Internal Communications
  3. Building the Right Team
  4. Setting Expectations and Delegation
  5. Motivation and Engagement
  6. Developing People

Coaching + Coffee House Group Sessions

Having learned more about the learning formats and engagement opportunities that participants value most, we have also made the following upgrades:

  • Our valued 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions will be included for all participants in all cohorts so they can experience the benefits of hands-on, customized support and accountability;
  • Our popular Coffee House Group Sessions will now complement the coaching and training modules, and provide participants with an opportunity to forge deeper connections with their peers, share experiences, and solidify their learning in a dynamic group setting.

Now offered through the Management Training Program includes:

  • Six three-hour Classroom Sessions on the core components of effective management
  • Three 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions throughout the program
  • Three Coffee House Group Sessions throughout the program
  • Tools and Guides delivered in digital format with each module, yours to keep so you can keep applying your learning in the future
  • Certificate of Completion and access to future professional development opportunities

How can you Participate?

We are opening up a new public cohort, open to individuals from any non-profit or public sector organization, launching in September 2020. Enrol by Friday, September 18.