Launching: Management Training

Going from the front-line service delivery to managing people, supporting communications throughout the organization and implementing strategy can be a challenge.

Through our work with clients, it has become clear that creating a program specifically for managers from mid-sized non-profits would be another way we can support them in moving good strategy forward and ensuring quality service delivery.

Laridae’s Management Training program, designed specifically for non-profits and public sector organizations, offers six modules that directly relate to a manager’s daily work.  Participants benefit from learning about:

  • Introduction to Management
  • Recruiting
  • Setting Expectations and Delegation
  • Finance for Non-Finance Managers
  • Motivation
  • Developing People

What really sets the Laridae training program apart from others, is that we go beyond “in class” learning. Our program includes 1-on-1 coaching along the way, to help managers implement and troubleshoot as they move through the modules. Furthermore, to keep the learning intimate and generate great discussion, classes are limited to 10-20 people.

If you think this training would be beneficial for your team or organization, below are the three main ways to go ahead with the training:

  • Sending managers to our first public cohort starting on April 10, 2019 in Peterborough
  • Hosting a private training with a number of your managers, where we come to your team
  • Coordinating a public training program in your community including managers from your partner organizations

Learn more about Laridae’s new Management Training program.

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